Fortnite Spray and Pray mission guide: all challenges and rewards

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The Fortnite Spray and Pray mission tasks you with jaunting all over the map to tag some notable locations, you hoodlum. Thankfully, you don't have to do it all alone. Here's every challenge associated with the Spray and Pray mission, and what you'll get in reward for it.

Spray and Pray mission challenges

Deal damage with SMGs to opponents (500 damage total)

This one is self-explanatory. Remember to pick a mode like Team Rumble that lets you deal more damage without having to die and start a new match.

Spray a fountain, a junkyard crane, and a vending machine

You'll find fountains, cranes, and vending machines galore in our guide. 

Spray different Gas Stations (3 total)

Here's where you can find every gas station in Fortnite.

Find lost spray cans (5 total)

This is one of the tougher ones to complete, because these guys are super tiny. Here's every spray can location in guide form, but we've got the shorthand too: find one in Junk Junction under some trash, in the umbrella mine near some barrels, near the end of the volcano stream, by a tree at the viking village waterfall, one in Shifty Shafts, one by the tent at the nightclub, and one by a fence in the desert scrapyard.

Deal damage to an enemy structure with a minigun (3000 total)

Miniguns can be difficult to come by, but you can definitely clear 3,000 damage with some ease, assuming you don't get sniped halfway through. Check supply drops in Team Rumble if you're having trouble finding a minigun. 

Eliminate opponents with an SMG from less than 15 meters away

You know what to do.

Search chests at Tilted Town

Also self-explanatory, and Tilted Town isn't so big that you couldn't do this in one go. Just remember that you can't build anything there.

Pray and Spray Prestige Mission

Eliminations with an SMG in a single match (2 total)

Easy enough for a prestige challenge, but remember that only the final bullet counts, so maybe try to sneak some kills from other players.

Search chests inside containers with windows spray painted on (5 total)

There are seven of these kinds of containers around the map, and some of them are in pairs. They don't actually have windows, just a spray painted version on their side.

Spray cars or trucks in differently named locations (6 total)

Visit graffiti covered billboards in a single match (2 total)

You can find billboards in Shifty Shafts, Salty Springs, and Paradise Palms.

Damage opponents with a minigun (500 damage total)

Eliminate opponents with an SMG from less than 5 meters away (5 total)

Eliminate opponents in Tilted Town while wearing the Tilted Teknique skin (5 total)

The Tilted Teknique skin is unlocked at level 23 of the battle pass.

Spray and Pray rewards

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The reward for completing every challenge in the Spray and Pray mission is a bit of extra drippy back bling. Specifically, a backpack with three cans of spray paint to show off your style. It's part of the Aerosol Assassins set.

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The prestige reward is the Tilted Teknique "Streetstyle" style option. You'll have unlocked the base skin at level 23, so this serves as a nice little bonus.

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