Fortnite 10.00 update brings back the Wild West

Fortnite's pesky rifts have claimed another victim: Neo Tilted. It's reverted back to an older state, even older than Tilted Towers. Tilted Town is an old Wild West settlement with its own set of rules to keep cowboys shooting. 

Walk through the bubble and you'll be transported back in time, where things were a little less colourful and, apparently, it was against the rules to smash stuff or build stuff. With no harvesting and no fortifications, that leaves only one thing to do: fight. 

An appropriate set of weapons has also been unvaulted, but they only spawn in Tilted Town. You'll be able to find the double barrel shotgun, six shooter, hunting rifle and infantry rifle. The update also introduces a new gun: the automatic sniper rifle, which can be found everywhere. 

This is quite a bit cooler than Dusty Depot reappearing, since it's effectively a wholly new area, not one from previous seasons. The map will keep changing throughout the season, so expect more surprises. 

Check out the patch notes here.

Fraser Brown
Online Editor

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