How to tune into the Fortnite radio station

fortnite radio station
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Now that Fortnite has drivable cars, you've got to find something to listen to while traveling the countryside and running over humanoid bananas. Thankfully, Epic has added radio stations to cars, meaning you can jam out to some familiar Fortnite tunes. That's not all, though. Epic has made it pretty clear that the radio station will be a new platform for more musical artists to make appearances, much like previous concerts.

We've gathered everything you need to know about the radio station in Fortnite, including how to listen, what music is on it, and what future artists are confirmed. Don't forget to check out the other stuff Epic added in the 13.40 update.

How to use the radio station in Fortnite

It's simple enough to use the radio station in Fortnite. In fact, you can use the radio in any vehicle, including cars, boats, and helicopters. Simply hop into the vehicle of your choice, and you'll see button prompts appear at the bottom left to turn the radio on and switch station.

fortnite radio station

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Radio stations in Fortnite

Currently, there are four radio stations available to listen to. Those are:

- Party Royale
- Radio Yonder
- Beat Box
- Power Play

Most notably, it appears that at least one Drake song appears on the Beat Box station. That likely means that the Beat Box station will feature other real-world, well-known artists who collaborate with Fortnite. Drake being on there makes sense since he's a huge fan of the game to begin with.

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Party Royale will most likely feature songs from artists who get featured in Fortnite's Party Royale social hub zone, like Diplo, Kenshi Yonezu, or Marshmello.

As far as we can tell, the other radio stations appear to play music designed especially for Fortnite, so basically backing tracks that you might hear if Epic ever released an original Fortnite soundtrack listing.

As is usually the case with Fortnite, these radio stations could grow and evolve in some fascinating ways. It's clear that Epic will most likely use the radio station to feature artists it can't invest enough money or development time into for a digital concert. Considering Fortnite is played by at least a couple hundred million people, that's an audience I'm sure any record label would be glad to play for.

Time will tell on that, though. Fortnite is still doing its semi-regular concerts in the Party Royale mode, like with Diplo, and 12.3 million people watched Travis Scott literally kaiju his way across Sweaty Sands. The radio stations could just be another arm of that marketing power Fortnite is quickly acquiring, especially in a quarantined world.

If you're a Fortnite content creator, make sure to be careful with that music on streams or videos. Epic has said that licensed music may cause content creators to get dinged on platforms like YouTube or Twitch, so maybe stick to casual conversation.

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