Over 10 million people allegedly watched a Marshmello concert live in Fortnite

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Masked dance music DJ, friend of Ninja, and host of his own cooking channel (opens in new tab) Marshmello played a live concert in Fortnite this weekend. For the duration of the 10-minute show at Pleasant Park, which was broadcast across thousands of servers, weapons were disabled and respawns turned on so players could concentrate on deploying dance emotes instead of murder. There were holograms, lights, fireworks, and strategically deployed cessations of gravity, which admittedly didn't happen last time I went to see The National.

According to sources close to everyone's favorite tame industry mascot Geoff Keighley (opens in new tab), more than 10 million people were watching the concert in-game, and that's in addition to millions more watching online outside the special mode set up for it in the Fortnite client.

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Those who missed the event got to enjoy a repeat performance at 11pm Pacific Time. After the music ends there's a three-second countdown, and then it's back to battle royale business as usual.

You can also enjoy the totally real and absolutely legit recording of the show made by our reporter on the ground James Davenport below.

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