Where to eliminate Iron Man at Stark Industries in Fortnite

fortnite iron man location
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Fortnite week three is here, and a new set of challenges will let you rank up that Season 4 battle pass. This week's biggest challenge lets you take on the billionaire/genius/playboy/philanthropist himself: Iron Man.

Players must locate Iron Man and defeat him, similarly to previous seasons when you needed to defeat a boss character, or Doctor Doom this season. Be warned, though. Iron Man will put up a decent fight, and you'll have to make it past Stark Bots to get to him. Thankfully, we've whipped up this guide to show you Iron Man's location and some tips to defeat him.

Iron Man location

fortnite iron man location

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As of the 14.10 update, the Fortnite map has been pretty significantly changed. Well, one quarter of it anyway. The Stark Industries/Upper New York location has been added to the map, overwhelming the northeast portion of the map and threatening to encroach on Craggy Cliffs and Steamy Stacks. It's pretty hard to miss, considering it's a giant-sized chunk of earth that's presumably been teleported here via Thor's Bifrost.

You'll find Iron Man himself at Stark Industries, the collection of red and white buildings at the southern edge of the new area.

Like other boss characters, Iron Man will be walking around throughout the area, so you may have to search for him before you can take him on. For what it's worth, I tended to find him in the central building, in the west wing.

Tips for eliminating Iron Man

fortnite iron man location

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Unsurprisingly, Iron Man is sporting some serious firepower. You'll need to be careful when you take him on, especially if you're early in the match and don't have a ton of weaponry at your disposal.

Iron Man's abilities include:

Repulsor Gauntlets: Will fire a burst of energy, somewhat similar to the Stark rifle.

Unibeam: Will fire one large beam of energy from the player's chest. This can easily break through an entire wall or floor in one shot. It has a pretty hefty 30 second cooldown though.

Boost jump: It's not exactly rocketing around the map, but you can still get a pretty good bit of air with Iron Man's boost jump ability, scaling walls or other obstacles you wouldn't easily be able to maneuver around without materials.

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If you find Iron Man on one of Stark Industries' floors with a relatively low-hanging fruit, he shouldn't be able to use his own boost jump ability with any reliability. That makes this a much more traditional fight for you.

Ideally, this fight shouldn't last more than 30 seconds, so once Iron Man gets his unibeam attack off, he'll only have his repulsor beams. Dodge that first unibeam, then use columns or desks as cover while taking pot shots at him. So long as you're not taking too much damage (making you a tasty treat for vultures swooping in after the fight), you should be able to manage Iron Man on your own.

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