Fortnite calls the Ghostbusters in for several new skins

fortnite ghostbusters
(Image credit: Epic Games)
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It doesn't matter that Fortnite's player base is largely young adults and kids. Ghostbusters nostalgia is forever, apparently. Epic knows this all too well and has updated the Fortnite item shop with 10—count 'em, 10—new skins and other cosmetics based on the supernatural comedy classic.

If you're a diehard Bill Murray or Dan Aykroyd fanboy, however, you may be disappointed. The Ghostbusters skins that Epic put out are basically just handsome Fortnite avatars dressed up in the iconic brown jumpsuits, black boots, and gloves. 

To their credit, these all look like new Fortnite avatars to me, so it's not like they just slapped some costumes on existing assets.

There's quite a few Ghostbusters skins to gawk at, so check out the gallery below.

So you've got five masculine and five feminine variants, and you know what, I kind of dig it. Of course you've got the iconic ghost arm patch, that weird yellow leg hose that goes nowhere, the belt gizmo, and other odds and ends. Plus there's enough zippers to give a Final Fantasy character a run for their money.

Each skin individually will cost you 800 V-bucks (so the price of a common skin), or you can buy all five masculine variants or feminine variants for 2,000 V-bucks per pack.

Thankfully, Epic has a few other signature Ghostbuster cosmetics to add to the pile, if you needed more convincing.

There's the ludicrous, yet oddly captivating proton pack the 'busters use to vacuum up spirits. Even better, it starts glowing more with every enemy elimination you rack up. This back bling will cost you 400 V-bucks.

fortnite ghostbusters skins

(Image credit: Epic Games)

If the proton pack doesn't do it for you, the spirit trap is also a cosmetic. For 400 V-bucks, you can wear this prison made for ghost ants on your back.

fortnite ghostbusters skins

(Image credit: Epic Games)

Last, but not least, we have the proton pickaxe for 800 V-bucks and the Ecto-Glider for 1,200 V-bucks. The former sparks with electric energy, while the Ecto-Glider is designed to look just like the classic Ghostbusters Ectomobile, a repurposed ambulance with emergency lights propped on top.

fortnite ghost busters skins

(Image credit: Epic Games)

Fortnitemares has been rolling for several days now, so if you're really hoping to land a Ghostbusters skin (or 10), make sure you act fast, as there's no telling when Epic will take them down or bring them back.

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