I can be your angel or your devil with this new Fortnite skin bundle

Are you a dark and edgy Fortnite player? As in tune with the Dark Lord as you are with this season's meta? Good news: You can now express your inner black with the new Darkfire Bundle.

The Darkfire Bundle comes with three new skin styles you probably recognize from past skins. Shadow Ark is a blackened version of the Ark skin, Molten Omen is a flame-infused version of the original Omen skin, and Dark Power Chord is an even goth-ier version of the already pretty gothic Power Chord skin.

The bundle also comes with three new weapon wraps that give your weapons a new look. There's a shimmering purple wrap, an icy-looking wrap, and a fiery wrap. 

darkfire bundle fortnite bundle

(Image credit: Epic Games)

The coolest bits of extra, though are definitely the back bling items. You get three in this bundle: The Shadow Ark's wings, Dark Power Chord's Dark Six String guitar, or Omen's lava-infused cape.

(Image credit: Epic Games)

Three new harvesting pickaxes join the bunch, too, and they follow a similar style. I'm really digging the Dark Strikers pickaxe for the purple rune designs on its side.

(Image credit: Epic Games)

You also get the Unification emote, which makes your character do a sort of ballet tippy toe dance. Very grim stuff.

The whole Darkfire Bundle is going to cost you a whopping $30, or €25. For PC players, you can buy it in the in-game store, but if you've got a friend or family member who plays more on console, you can also buy the bundle in your local brick and mortar store.

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