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Fortnite Chapter 2: Letter 'F' location

(Image credit: Epic Games)

Where is Fortnite's hidden letter F? As part of Chapter 2's first week of missions, players are tasked with locating the letter F, hidden somewhere on the New World loading screen players are rewarded with for completing eight New World challenges. And new means unfamiliar, so it's going to be a little more time-consuming than usual to find every hidden letter on your own. Don't sweat it, we have something called a map. It's a topographical image depicting landscapes, real and imaginary, from above. Wild concept, I know. Anyway, here's where to find that damn F.

(Image credit: Epic Games)

It's just east of Lazy Lake on a hill bordering the town. Look for a patch of dirt to find the F. 

Congratulations on getting F'd! I knew you could do it. 

(Image credit: Epic Games)
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