Fortnite: How to collect 3 alien devices, then activate the Countermeasure device

This week, your Fortnite challenges include collecting 3 alien devices, then activate the Countermeasure device underneath Corny Complex. As far as challenge titles go, that's a mouthful and then some. It's made even harder by the fact that you'll have to collect those mysterious devices.

Thankfully, the challenge is somewhat easier once you know where to look. We've scoured the map for all 3 alien devices, and then we'll show you exactly where at Corny Complex you need to look.

Once you've completed this challenge, you'll earn 30,000 XP, much like other legendary challenges.

Read on for the full guide.

3 alien device locations

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First things first: What do alien devices look like? They're basically just these small purple orbs that are about the size of any other Fortnite item, so they're a little easy to miss. The image above is what you're looking for.

(Image credit: Epic Games)

So where are the alien devices? They're all located somewhere there's purple alien grass and trees, so don't worry about other locations.

Alien device 1: North of Corny Complex along the river. There's a patch of purple grass, and the alien device is next to an alien tree on the lower side of the hill.

Alien device 2: The east side of the large purple crater at the center of the map. Look for the patch of purple grass that forms a sort of X shape. The alien device is between two alien trees near a large bush.

Alien device 3: Directly south of Corny Complex, there's a small patch of purple grass. You'll see a normal-looking tree, and the alien device is right next to it.

fortnite 3 alien devices

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Countermeasure Device location

The Countermeasure device is this huge machine that looks like a nuclear reactor with three slots that perfectly fit those alien devices you collected.

As the challenge states outright, it's beneath Corny Complex's main red barn, which has multiple entrances, so you should be able to get in there easily. Just watch out for the hostile NPCs littered throughout.

The Countermeasure device is in the southwest room. Simply interact with it to fill the orb slots and complete the challenge. Now you're ready (I hope) to take on the alien invasion.

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