Fortnite finally adds Morty to its Rick and Morty crossover

morty fortnite skin
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When Fortnite season 7 launched, fans and pickle-obsessed nerds were thrilled to learn that Rick and Morty's titular drunk scientist grandpa was joining as part of the battle pass. If you were a fan of the young Morty, however, you had to settle for using a hammer-headed version of him from an alternate a pickaxe.

No more. Check out the reveal trailer below for your first look at Fortnite's Morty skin.

It's not quite the mech suit Morty wears in the Purge planet episode, and it's definitely not the suit he wears in "Gotron Jerrysis Rickvangelion". Where do they come up with these?

It's much more like the bipedal suit Snuffles/Snowball the dog wears in season one when Rick gives it an IQ-boosting helmet that turns the pup into a revenge-seeking threat to humanity.

(Image credit: Epic Games)

Either way, if you're into Rick and Morty, it's absolutely been on your mind since Epic announced Rick was the tier 100 reward for season 7.

We also learned that Epic is releasing a "Get Schwifty" emote based on the infamous dance Rick and Morty pulled off to save the planet from giant heads in the sky.

How to get Morty in Fortnite

You can now buy Mecha Morty from the Fortnite item shop. You can buy the skin itself for 1,500 V-bucks, or get the bundle with extra items for 2,200 V-bucks.

If you're a big Rick n' Morty fan, you'll certainly recognize them all. Morty's Backpack back bling has a suspicious Mr. Meeseeks cube stuffed inside, and his pickaxe is actually the Space Snake from that particularly weird episode. The Mr. Meeseek's party doesn't stop with the back bling, though, with the weapon wrap adorning your favorite rifle with the blue helper's beautiful face. Finally, you've also got the Get Schwifty emote seen above, which I will note contains zero references to dropping your pants and/or defecating on the floor, presumably because Fortnite is marketed to kids.

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