Fortnite: Where to find books on explosions

fortnite book on explosions
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Looking for books on explosions in Fortnite? Fortnite Season 7 continues to roll along, and this week, Epic has us searching for this explosive reading material. It seems the alien invasion is so far along that humanity has had to get... inventive.

I don't think Barnes & Noble will sell you the anarchist cookbook, but thankfully you can complete this week 12 challenge with ease once you know where to look.

You'll need to find two books on explosions to complete this challenge. You can find them at Dirty Docks and Steamy Stacks, but as for exact location, read on for our full guide.

Steamy Stacks book on explosion location

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Head to the small two-story building that's resting at the end of the power lines and pylons running from Steamy Stacks to Dirty Docks. On the ground floor of the building, look for the staircase and you'll see a book on explosions (it's just a generic book with a llama icon on it) by a pair of wooden crates.

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Dirty Docks book on explosion location

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Head to the shipping container area in the center of Dirty Docks. Look for the trash dumpster by the west entrance of the area and you'll see the book on explosions on the ground.

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That's all you need to complete this challenge. For your trouble, you'll get 30,000 XP. You can check out our Fortnite section for more challenge guides and news on the latest skins, events, and more. Did you see that Morty from Rick and Morty finally got added as a skin?

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