How to serve Fishstick and his date a fancy dinner in Fortnite

fortnite fishstick date dinner
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Fortnite's Wild Hearts event is here, and players are celebrating Valentine's Day the only way Epic knows how: More challenges and cosmetics. A ton of Valentine's-themed quests have been added, allowing players to earn some XP while playing matchmaker... the romantic kind. Fishsticks, Fortnite's popular fish man, finally has a date, I guess. Good for him. Tinder is hell, especially when you're a fish.

One of this week's challenges is to serve Fishstick and his date dinner at any restaurant on the Fortnite season 5 map. That's easier said than done if you don't know where to go or what to do.

No worries, though. We've whipped up this guide to show you how to complete this challenge with no hassle at all.

Note: In order to access this quest, you need to complete the prior quest, which asks you to find three fish for Fishstick's date. Basically, just catch three fish at any viable spot and you'll unlock this quest in your next match.

Restaurant location

While apparently any restaurant works, I've found the easiest (and most obvious) location to be Fishstick's restaurant in Craggy Cliffs. You'll recognize it as the biggest building in town with an arched roof and Fishstick's handsome mug on the front sign.

(Image credit: Epic Games)

You'll find a lovely dinner table set for two lovebirds on the back balcony. It looks like Fishstick's date has already arrived. What a looker.

fortnite fishstick date dinner

(Image credit: Epic Games)

Thankfully, this challenge is incredibly simple. All you need to do is interact with the dinner table to complete the mission. For your trouble, you'll get 20,000 XP. Not bad for playing cupid to a couple cuddlefish.

Next up is finding a rose at Steel Farm or the Orchard. Check our Fortnite hub later for the guide to that quest.

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