First-person bullet hell Drunken Robot Pornography hits Steam

The first-person bullet hell game Drunken Robot Pornography hit Steam yesterday. Its regular price is $15, but it's discounted 20 percent to $12 until February 26. To the uninitiated, "bullet hell" refers to especially brutal 2D shoot 'em ups that fill the screen with an amount of projectiles that's nearly impossible to avoid. Ikaruga, which was recently added to Steam , is a good example of the genre. Drunken Robot Pornography takes that concept and reinterprets it in the first-person perspective.

In both its gameplay and catchy title, Drunken Robot Pornography seems like a great evolution of Dejobaan Games' AaaaaAAaaaAAAaaAAAAaAAAAA!!! for the Awesome , a first-person base jumping game. It had a vibrant look and was all about mid-air near-misses. Drunken Robot Pornography looks similar, but more structured. And with shooting.

Drunken Robot Pornography will have you leaping across 52 levels, dodging lethal laser beams and taking down Titans, its giant robot bosses. If that wasn't enough content, The Drunken Robot Pornography Steam Workshop is also already packed with more than 300 Titans and 100 maps.

The new launch trailer below should give you a pretty good idea of the vibrant robot bullet hell chaos you'll be jumping into (with a jetpack).