Epic, Bioware, Bioshock Infinite reveals planned for VGAs, new THQ announcement this month

Bioshock Infinite

Now that the release armageddon that is November is over, it's time for everyone to announce some new projects. The next week or so will be bustling with new announcements from Bioware, Epic and THQ, and we'll get our first look at Bioshock Infinite for a while at this weekend's Spike TV Video Game Awards ceremony.

First up, Bioware. They've been busy teasing a new game from a new studio in the run up to Saturday's show, with a teaser image and a tiny trailer clip . With EA registering a number of Command & Conquer domain names recently, there's speculation that a new C&C may be revealed.

Elsewhere, Eurogamer note that Cliff Bleszinski is planning to take to the stage to unveil a new project from Epic. It will apparently be an "entirely fresh and new experience" in production at their North Carolina studios. President Mike Capps said earlier this year that with their focus on Gears of War and Bulletstorm, the studio hadn't given enough attention to Unreal Tournament , adding that it would make financial sense to revive the series. Then again, it could be a Gears spin off.

Meanwhile, core games boss at THQ, Danny Bilson, has said that the publisher will be announcing a "very exciting" game sometime this month, scheduled for release next year. That could well be shown at the VGAs, too. THQ developers, Turtle Rock are known to be working on something unannounced, and are currently advertising a hiring push on the Turtle Rock website , looking for new talent to work on "Secret Project #1 for THQ." It's also been a while since we've anything from Dawn of War and Company of Heroes creators, Relic.

One thing we know for sure is that we'll get to see more Bioshock Infinite. A new trailer will get an airing at the Video Game Awards. Spike TV GTTV host Geoff Keighley tweeted a preview screenshot of the trailer, showing the golden statue below. What would you like to see announced at the VGAs this weekend?

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