EA registers Command & Conquer Alliances domain names

Bioware - new studio new game

EA have registered 15 domain names related to Command & Conquer Alliances, as spotted by Fusible . They're made up of almost anything Command & Conquer related with the word "Alliances" attached to it, including Red Alert Alliances, Tiberian Alliances, Generals Alliances. This suggests that EA are publishing a game about allying, perhaps set in the Command and Conquer universe. HMM.

Bioware. They're owned by EA. They also happen to be on the verge of revealing a new project from a new studio. A recent video teaser showed tanks battling buggies in some dusty streets. Tanks have been known to battle buggies in classic RTS series, Command & Conquer. COULD IT BE?

If Bioware's new studio are making a new Command & Conquer, what could the Alliances tag suggest? We're in the Inception of hypotheticals here, but a Bioware published C&C game is too exciting a prospect not to consider. What would you like to see from a new C&C? Here's the list of domain names to get your imagination churning.

  • alliances-commandandconquer.com

  • alliancescommandandconquer.com

  • candcalliances.com

  • candctiberiumalliances.com

  • commandandconquer-alliances.com

  • commandandconqueralliance.com

  • commandandconqueralliances.com

  • commandandconquertiberiumalliances.com

  • generalsalliance.com

  • generalsalliances.com

  • redalertalliance.com

  • redalertalliances.com

  • tiberianalliances.com

  • tiberiumalliance.com

  • tiberiumalliances.com

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