Elementary My Dear Majesty becomes "first 3D hidden object adventure game for PC," out today

Elementary My Dear Majesty - almost a pun

Hidden object games test important life skills, like the ability to pick out that elusive bottle of ketchup in a well stocked fridge. They're a testament to the human ability to spectacularly fail to see things that are clearly right there in front of us, even when our girlfriends are literally pointing at them and saying "it's RIGHT THERE."

Even on a 2D plane, seeing objects when other objects are nearby can be tough. Bad news. The challenge of finding things in piles of other things is about to get harder. Elementary my Dear Majesty is adding the Z(omg)-axis to the equation, claiming to become "the first 3D hidden object adventure game for PC."

Now things won't just be right there in front of you. They may be behind other things. They may even be inside larger things. But hey, a princes has morphed into a monster and a cure needs to be found. It was never going to be easy.

Developers Alawar Entertainment are going to make the most out of the new dimension. "Rotating and zooming in on a scene using the mouse are sometimes necessary, as objects are oftentimes very well hidden," they say.

Elementary My Dear Majesty features 20 levels across 14 locations with over 100 puzzles to play through, and you probably should play through it, because I like my neck right where it is. "This original 3-D hidden object adventure will royally please the masses – or it's off with their heads!" say Alawar.

If you'd like a taste, a demo is now available from the Elementary My Dear Majesty site . It offers an hour long trial after which you'll be able to face the fridge with confidence, knowing that bottle of ketchup will never evade you again.

Tom Senior

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