How to access Chelona's Rise in Elden Ring

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Wondering how to break the barrier to access Chelona's Rise in Elden Ring? If you've explored the Lands Between, you've likely come across at least one of these towers before. The sealed structures are scattered throughout the game, and you can access each of them by solving the same type of puzzle.

Chelona's Rise is found in Liurnia of the Lakes, though its area is inaccessible unless you've worked your way through Ranni's questline. And even then, this is one of the trickier tower puzzles to solve. So without further ado, here's how to gain access to Elden Ring Chelona's Rise and the reward for doing so.

How to break the seal on Chelona's Rise

Chelona's Rise is located on the plateau in the southwest corner of Liurnia of the Lakes, only accessible at the end of Ranni's quest. The tower itself sits in the southwest corner of the plateau and when you first approach it, you'll notice the seal blocking the door.

As with other sealed towers dotted around the Lands Between, you need to interact with the imp statue outside which tells you to "Seek three great wise beasts". This causes three ghostly turtles to spawn around the area, and you'll need to find and attack each one to break the seal blocking your access to the tower.

Elden Ring Chelona's Rise turtle locations

The turtles you need to find are widely spread around the area, making them fairly tricky to find. It also seems that either dying or fast traveling to cover ground more quickly can cause the remaining turtles to disappear until you interact with the statue again.

The first turtle is found directly to the west of Chelona's Rise, clinging to the cliff's edge below. You can use a bow, a magic spell, or an AoE attack to hit it.

The second turtle will take you further afield, at the most southerly tip of the plateau, far to the east. This wise beast is perched on a small cliff ledge below you.

The third and final turtle is the hardest to find. This one is located far north of Chelona's Rise and southeast of the Evergaol. It's floating high in the air, so you need to use a ranged attack to hit it or use the spirit spring nearby.

Once you've got all three turtles, head back to Chelona's Rise and enter the tower. Head up two sets of stairs and use the lift to reach the top of the tower. The chest in the room here contains the Ranni's Dark Moon sorcery.


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