Don't Starve Together's free limited-time events start today

Don't Starve Together, the co-op variant of developer Klei Entertainment's hit survival game, is getting some free additions starting with The Forge, a "six-player co-op challenge where the goal is try to and defeat the Grand Forge Boarrior in an arena." It's now available on Steam for all DST owners. 

"The Forge is the first of a series of limited time events that we have created for Don’t Starve Together," Klei said in a blog post. "The purpose of these events is to add fun new content to the world of Don’t Starve Together without altering core DST gameplay.

"We hope that with this mechanism, we can both continue creating great free content while also supporting the development team. In addition, this method of funding allows us to provide content to all our players, instead of splitting the player community if we implemented it with a DLC paywall."

The Forge comes with a smattering of new stuff which will also be used in future events. As previously reported, there are new enemies and bosses, and between weapons, armor, skins and character emotes, there are over 200 new items. The UI and matchmaking have been updated as well. Forge-specific servers have also been added, which is handy because the Forge isn't available to play on community-hosted servers.

While the event itself is free and all items and skins can be earned in-game, you can also purchase skins individually for $3 apiece, or get the whole collection for $13. 

Anything you unlock while playing The Forge will stay on your account, but while item and character skins will transfer to the main game, "some unlocks such as portrait backgrounds and profile icons are currently only available in the Forge." 

The Forge will be available until November 30, after which it will be inaccessible. However, Klei says they may "bring it back in the future if it is successful." The studio also said they'll release new information about DST's next event once they've decided on a launch date. 

The Forge was first revealed back in September. Klei also announced Hamlet, a new single-player DLC for Don't Starve. Check out the trailer below: 

If you don't own Don't Starve Together and want to get in on these events, you can currently get it for 40 percent off on Steam as part of the fantastic Klei Entertainment publisher sale.  

Austin Wood
Staff writer, GamesRadar

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