Don't Starve Together: A New Reign update is live

Don't Starve Together is growing today, with the release of a new expansion dubbed A New Reign. The update adds new giants in the form of the Toadstool, Bee Queen and "Klaus", while biomes such as the desert will be enhanced.

There is new ruins stuff to do as well, though it's presented as a question in the patch notes: "who is the Ancient Fuelweaver, and what does Charlie have in store for him?" 

Here is some more illustrative narrative backdrop: "The reign of the new shadow queen has swept across the land of Don't Starve Together and now creeps deep into the bowels of the earth. What ancient secrets will be dredged up by Charlie's dark machinations, and what purpose does she have in mind for the formidable being at the center of the Ruins?"

The update is available now and the full patch notes are over here. The trailer is embedded below. 

Shaun Prescott

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