How to solve the Reject the Mother quest in Diablo 4

Diablo 4 Reject the Mother quest - a sorcerer is standing in front of an old open book at the side of a dusty road
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The Diablo 4 Reject the Mother sidequest is found in the Dry Steppes region and offers you a riddle that you'll need to solve. Much like the Secret of the Spring quest, you'll need to find the location and perform the correct emote once you arrive there from the clues given.

This sidequest is off the beaten path, so it's easy to miss, especially if you're concentrating on the campaign or generally trying to level up quickly. Every little bit helps though, and sidequests contribute a chunk of Renown too, so they're well worth doing if you're trying to grab those extra skill points or increase your potion count. With that in mind, here's how to solve the Diablo 4 Reject the Mother quest.

Diablo 4 Reject the Mother: Which emote to use 

The Reject the Mother quest starts from a note left on the side of a dusty road in the Tusmaa Rift region of Dry Steppes. You can find it just to the east of Ked Bardu—the exact location can be found on the map above.

The note reads:

"Shout your rejection, 'no Mother of mine' at her towering statue in rift's hidden shrine."

Luckily, the statue's location is marked on the map, and it's almost directly north, right next to the Dark Ravine dungeon entrance. To get there though, you'll need to head around to the southeast before heading north again to reach it.

The statue is found at the back of the cavern that houses the dungeon entrance, so stand in front of it and use the "No" emote. To do this, open the emote menu by pressing E, then hit customise and scroll through the list of available emotes to add it to one of the empty slots.

Once you've done this, a Heretic's Cache will appear to the right of the statue. Opening this chest nets you gold, a few random pieces of gear, and a chunk of XP.


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