Diablo 4 launch: early access start time and launch date

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At long last the official Diablo 4 launch time is coming and if you've pre-ordered the deluxe or ultimate edition the early access start time is today. As with the previous beta weekends, Diablo 4's launch is split into several days of "early access" for players who pre-ordered, followed by the official global launch on June 6.

If you want to keep planning and preparing before your descent into hell, you can catch up on some Diablo 4 lore to help orient you in Sanctuary, check out the best Diablo 4 Necromancer build, and get a quick tip on how to emote in Diablo 4—which is the trick to figuring out several early quests like the Secret of the Spring. Remember: Your progress from the beta weekends and the server slam open beta doesn't carry over to launch. You'll need to start from scratch in Sanctuary. Good luck out there, wanderers.

Diablo 4 early access start

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To get the four days of early access to Diablo 4, you'll need to have pre-ordered either the Digital Deluxe or the Ultimate edition on Battle.net. Diablo 4 early access begins on June 1 in the Americas, which will be June 2 in all other timezones.

Diablo 4 early access start time

  • 4 pm, June 1 (PDT)
  • 7 pm, June 1 (EDT)
  • 12 am, June 2 (BST)
  • 1 am, June 2 (CEST)
  • 9 am, June 2 (AEST)

Diablo 4 launch time

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The official launch is on June 5 in the Americas and June 6 elsewhere. Here's when Diablo 4's global launch time hits in time zones around the world.

Diablo 4 official launch time

  • 4 pm, June 5 (PDT)
  • 7 pm, June 5 (EDT)
  • 12 am, June 6 (BST)
  • 1 am, June 6 (CEST)
  • 9 am, June 6 (AEST)

Diablo 4 preloading time

For PC players, you'll be able to begin downloading Diablo 4 through your Battle.net app just like with the betas. Find Diablo 4 in the left sidebar of your app and hit the big blue "Install" button.

Diablo 4 preloading begins:

  • 4 pm, May 30 (PDT)
  • 7 pm, May 30 (EDT)
  • 12 am, May 31 (BST)
  • 1 am, May 31 (CEST)
  • 9 am, May 31 (AEST)

As with the beta weekends, you can download Diablo 4 faster by deselecting the "high-resolution assets" option during install. That will lower the total download from about 84.4GB to about 46.8GB. If you want to get in and play quickly (or just don't want Diablo 4 making your rig hit hellfire temps) go ahead and stick to the regular resolution assets. 


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