DeepCool brings RGB bling to all-in-one liquid cooler line

DeepCool is not unfamiliar with RGB lighting. Its affordable RGB350 kit is our pick for the best basic LED kit, though in addition to selling a standalone solution, the company is bringing to market two Captain EX all-in-one liquid coolers with integrated RGB lighting.

The new Captain EX RGB coolers are the same as their non-RGB counterparts, but with variable RGB lighting added to the fray by way of an LED strip. Users who have a motherboard supporting RGB lighting can plug either of the new coolers into the RGB header and control the illumination through software.

DeepCool's Captain EX line spans five different AIO liquid coolers, though just two will be give the RGB treatment—initially, at least. They include the Captain 120 EX RGB with a 120mm radiator and a single fan, and the Captain 240 EX RGB with a 240mm radiator and two cooling fans.

The coolers support all modern sockets, including AMD's new AM4 socket for Ryzen and Intel's LGA1151 and LGA2011-v3 sockets. They will be available in June with the Captain 120 EX RGB selling for $100 and the Captain 240 EX RGB priced at $130.

Paul Lilly

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