DayZ flash mob group staging raves, games, more shenanigans

Don't bring an AK-47 or a fire ax to a rave, unless it's DayZ . With millions of players buying into the early-access, standalone alpha of the zombie survival sim, it's safe to say a DayZ flash mob group was bound to surface. Founded back in February, the Steam group has been releasing videos of its meetups in recent days. You can check out one example below.

A lighthearted subversion of the game's more typical kill-or-be-killed experience of wandering and looting, the video is one of several uploaded by the flash mob group. While I'd more likely be the guy sitting in the corner desperately trying to open a cold can of beans, there's a certain joyful goofiness to the flash mob that makes me smile. Other events captured by the group include a rap battle and a not-so-serious attempt to test the limits of DayZ's simulated gravity.

For a comment thread collecting the flash mob group's ideas, go here . Also be sure to check out our excellent recent series on life in the DayZ alpha, DayZ Diaries .

Thanks, Kotaku UK .