Dark Souls PC port confirmed by German mag

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The cover of German magazine PC Action has confirmed rumors of a Dark Souls PC port. At least, it's as confirmed as a game can get without an official announcement. Information from the magazine's story posted to NeoGAF tells us that the game will be titled Dark Souls: Prepare to Die Edition, will include two new boss fights, and is scheduled for an August release.

The existence of a Dark Souls PC version has been rumored since another magazine, PC Powerplay, teased its next issue with the game's "You Died" message, which is pretty hard to mistake for anything else. Namco Bandai added fuel to the speculation by teasing an announcement on the Dark Souls Facebook page .

It all started when an administrator on developer From Software's forums suggested that PC gamers create a petition to ask for a PC version, and RPS took on the challenge . Namco Bandai paid attention , and it looks like we're getting what we asked for: a whole bunch of dying!

Here's the cover in question (Dark Souls in the lower-right):

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