Dark Souls PC teased, "an announcement is coming" says official Facebook page

Dark Souls

There's new evidence that Namco Bandai's dark, tough RPG, Dark Souls, will be coming to PC. A new post on the Dark Souls Facebook page says that "an announcement is coming" and there's a reveal page up asking for Facebook likes. Interesting.

Elsewhere, in magazine land, the "Next Month" page of issue 202 of PC Powerplay, spotted on NeoGaf , features the blood red "YOU DIED" message that Dark Souls players will be very, very familiar with. Very interesting.

A petition to bring Dark Souls to the PC was started earlier this year. It gained tens of thousands of signatures and gained the attention of some higher-ups at Namco Bandai. It looks like all those signatures may have paid off. Would you pick up Dark Souls on PC?

Tom Senior

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