Co-op survival game Valheim sells a million copies in a week

(Image credit: Iron Gate Studios)

Co-op Viking survival game Valheim may have only set sail into Early Access last week, but it's already hit a major milestone: a million copies sold. The Allfather Odin (who may actually be secretly spying on Valheim players) would surely be proud.

In a message posted on Valheim's Steam page, Swedish developer Iron Gate Studios thanked players for their support and feedback. "Not only have we surpassed our first huge milestone together, but the way you have all rallied your weapons and embraced Valheim has been incredible. In just over two years what our small yet formidable studio has been able to achieve is mind blowing," the studio said.

"Our inboxes are filled to the brims with fantastic feedback and suggestions and we are overjoyed to see how engaged our community is in Valheim’s development."

It's not a huge shock to see Valheim crash across the million sales mark. A few short days after it launched it quickly leapt to the top 10 games list on Steam and currently enjoys "overwhelmingly positive" reviews. It's been a hit on Twitch too: Iron Gate reports 127,000 peak viewers.

And we're enjoying it here at PC Gamer, where it's quickly rekindled my love of the survival experience. And if you're just getting started, we've got some Valheim tips for beginners, a guide to battling Valheim's five big bosses, a sneaky way to easily locate Valheim's trader, and more.

Christopher Livingston
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