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If you're looking to make cash fast in Call of Duty: Warzone 2, you've come to the right place. If you've been playing Modern Warfare 2, the battle royale will be automatically added in the Season 1 update. For everyone else, you can download Warzone 2 as a standalone mode separate from the base game as it's free-to-play.

Cash in Warzone 2 works in a similar way to the original battle royale. You'll need plenty of the green stuff to buy various goodies, including loadout drops and killstreaks, which in turn helps you and your squad mates survive until the end to claim victory. If you're ready to hit the ground running, here are some ways to make cash fast in Warzone 2 battle royale and Warzone 2 DMZ modes.

Warzone 2 cash: How to make money fast 

Safecracker contracts are hands-down the best way to make money fast in Warzone 2. There are a lot of Warzone 2 contracts that reward decent cash but the best bang for your buck—quite literally—are the safecracker contracts. You'll net the contract reward plus whatever is in each safe. In solos, these can net you over $10k pretty much immediately.

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They're usually guarded by some enemy AI but aren't a huge hassle to break into. Spot these on your map early on in a round and do whichever is closest. Safecracker asks you to bust open three different safes nearby. If you want to really make this easy on yourself, drop in a less populated zone like the quarry or Taraq Village and try to find a safecracker contract nearby to sweep up.

Besides safecracker, other contracts are also by far the most lucrative way of earning cash quickly in Warzone 2, though they can be tricky to pull off. Markers on the map indicate where these are and you'll need to pick up the item to start the associated contract. Bounty contracts have the largest associated reward—generally around $5000—in the battle royale, though you'll need to kill a nearby random player to complete so these are a lot riskier than busting open safes.

Lockers, supply crates, and cash registers are another decent source of money—I've snagged up to $800 from a single crate—so these are worth investigating whenever you come across them. For this reason, it's worth searching buildings thoroughly before moving on. In DMZ it's also worthwhile opening safes to gain access to the cash inside, just be careful of the enemies you'll attract when doing so.

Looting downed enemies from both the battle royale and DMZ modes will naturally offer you some spare cash too, and it all adds up.

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What you can buy with cash in Warzone 2 

Buy stations are littered all over the map and you can find them by looking for the trolley icon. Once you find one, interact with it to bring up the items in stock, which you can buy if you have the cash on hand to afford them.

Here are some of the items you can grab at the Buy Station, along with their price:

  • Armor Plate: $400
  • Armor Box: $2000
  • Molotov: $350
  • Stim: $400
  • Claymore: $700
  • Throwing Knife: $500
  • Battle Rage: $2900
  • DDoS: $2000
  • Heartbeat Sensor: $1050
  • Cluster Mine: $3300
  • Deployable Cover: $1650
  • UAV: $4000

It's also worth noting that in DMZ, you can sell stuff to Buy Stations to gain some extra cash from unwanted items or duplicates. Every little helps, right? 

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