Warzone 2 Unhinged BR modes let you become best frenemies on the fly

warzone 2.0 - unhinged mode
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Call of Duty: Warzone 2 is now up and running, and instead of running (or gunning) right at your enemies you may want to team up with them instead, which is a thing you can do now. 

The new Warzone 2 assimilation feature allows you to recruit nearby rivals mid-match instead of taking them down. The "Unhinged" mode, as you'd guess from the name, has the most open rules for invites by allowing you to build a squad bigger than the one you started with.

At launch, trios are the only squad size with an Unhinged BR mode. It's pretty likely that other squad sizes like quads and duos may get Unhinged versions as Activision experiments with weekly playlist updates. Doubtful that we'll see Unhinged solos though given that the initial squad size is, well, just one.

What is the Warzone Unhinged BR trios mode? 

The main difference in the Unhinged BR mode is the "assimilation: expanded" setting which lets you double the size of your squad by recruiting enemy players. And yeah, six teammates in a battle royale does feel a bit Unhinged. I can barely hear myself think when I play quads with friends.

Here are the Warzone 2 Unhinged BR trios rules:

  • Invite enemy players to your squad
  • Max squad size of 6
  • 150 player lobbies
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The total number of players doesn't change in Unhinged mode, but the group dynamics really can. We've already seen players making creative use of the new proximity chat feature, and I'm willing to bet that Unhinged mode will only bring out more of that.

It's totally possible, for instance, for you to enter a trios match all on your own without squad fill turned on, down a member of another squad, and negotiate yourself an invite to the group in return for not finishing them off. I don't think I could pull off that particular hostage negotiation, but that's a freebie idea from me if you're feeling brave out there in Al Mazrah. That's the true spirit of Unhinged.

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