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Warzone 2 contracts are a big part of the game—they're little missions you need to undertake and complete to earn your squad some cash so you can buy loadouts or items. While there are some familiar contracts in Battle Royale mode, the DMZ has around twice as many, each with their own objectives, rewards, and relative difficulties.

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If you're trying to get weapon blueprints, you might want to find yourself a black site key, and knowing the best ways to make Warzone 2 cash and the best places to drop is also handy knowledge to have. In this Call of Duty: Warzone 2 contracts guide, I'll explain every contract in both the Battle Royale and DMZ modes, what the rewards are, and how to complete them.

It's important to note that while these are the payments that I got, the cash that a contract offers seems to vary based on the number of players in your squad. A bigger squad means you get paid less money. My Battle Royale contract rewards are based on running in a squad of four.

How to take contracts

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When you drop into either Battle Royale or DMZ modes, you'll be able to see green phone-shaped icons across the map that each have a unique set of symbols. If you head to these locations, you'll find a small walkie-talkie like the one above that you can activate to take the contract on. Complete its objectives and you'll get paid: it's as simple as that.

Call of Duty: Warzone 2 Battle Royale contracts

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There are four contracts you can do in Battle Royale mode to earn money. Once a contract is complete, its icon will disappear from the map. You can only take one contract at a time. 


Payment: $1,700, plus what's in each safe
Map symbol: Safe

Taking on this contract marks three nearby safes on your map that you have to crack. Head to the location of each one, activate it to plant C4, then back off and wait for it to blow. These safes also contain weapons, items, and more cash, making it a pretty lucrative contract to try. The only disadvantage is that the safes are a little far from each other, so you might consider splitting the squad to take a safe each.


Payment: $2,200
Map symbol: Crosshair

Activating this contract will place a bounty on a random enemy player and mark their approximate location on the map. All you have to do is kill them to get the cash—pretty straightforward, really.

Most Wanted 

Payment: $2,600
Map symbol: Crown

This contract effectively places a bounty on the head of the person who activates it, and to earn the money, you'll need to keep them alive for approximately three minutes. It's a lot easier to complete this one later in a match when there are fewer players around, or if you have a vehicle so you can stay mobile.


Payment: $1,700
Map symbol: Document

Probably the simplest contract in Battle Royale mode. All you have to do after activating this one is find a laptop, extract some data, and then deliver the hard drive to a certain location. If your squad's not doing much else, it's a pretty easy one to complete without having to do anything too complicated or exposing. 

Call of Duty: Warzone 2 DMZ contracts

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There are far more contracts in DMZ than Battle Royale mode, and for the most part they are more complex.

Eliminate HVT 

Payment: $5,000
Map symbol: Crosshairs

This contract isn't too difficult to complete considering what it pays. This is basically an assassination mission where you're given the location of a high-value enemy target, and you have to kill them. They are usually in a building or compound and are protected by other soldiers, but it's nothing you can't handle with a few headshots.

Secure nuclear materials 

Payment: $3,500 (plus cash in each container)
Map symbol: Nuclear symbol

This contract is pretty easy to complete, and requires you to find some wayward nuclear materials in your locale. Grab a geiger counter and equip it in your tactical slot, then head to one of the two rings marked on the map. The closer you are to the material, the higher the number is, but a basic rule is just to walk in the direction that shows the highest number. Pick up both pieces of nuclear material, and then extract to get a bonus.

Hunt squad 

Payment: $3,500
Map symbol: Skull

Probably the most dangerous contract you can take in DMZ, and it doesn't really pay enough to be worth it. Hunt Squad will pit you against a group of enemy players, and similar to Bounty, give you their approximate location. Take them down to earn some cash and eliminate the competition.

Rescue hostage

Payment: $5,000
Map symbol: Handcuffs

Another pretty simple contract for how much it's worth—head to the location marked on the map, kill the enemies, grab the hostage, and carry them to one of the extraction points to earn the money.

Destroy supplies 

Payment: $7,500
Map symbol: Bomb

Though this pays a lot, it can attract a fair bit of heat from nearby enemies. You'll be given two locations where you have to plant explosives on supplies, but the good bit is you don't have to stick around until they go off, so you can get it done quickly and make off with the cash. 

Secure intel 

Payment: $5,000
Map symbol: Document

This contract is pretty similar to its Battle Royale variant, and tasks you with finding intel on hard drives in certain locations, before heading to a radio tower to upload them. The only problem I've found with this contract is that sometimes the radio tower it directs you to is very heavily guarded, so you end up encountering more resistance than you ideally would for the payout.

Cargo Delivery/Ship cargo 

Payment: $10,000
Map symbol: Briefcase/briefcase in water

This contract is a regular old delivery job, save for the fact that enemies will likely be shooting at you every step of the way—just find the vehicle with the cargo and take it to where it needs to go. Ship cargo is a boat-based variant, and is usually found on the southern end of the map by the sea.

Raid weapon stash 

Payment: $5,000, plus weapons
Map symbol: Box with a flag symbol

If you're also looking to get some weapons at the start of a game, this contract can be quite good. You'll be directed to an enemy strongpoint that you'll have to raid in order to get the cash and the weapons.

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