Cyber Monday TV deals: The best 4K TV discounts available now

Cyber Monday is a great time to supplement your gaming monitor with a cheap 4K TV, or just pick one up for the living room (and you can throw in a Steam Link for a couple bucks while they're in stock).

While a proper monitor is typically going to be your go-to for close-up work and gaming at your desk, it is viable these days to swap in a 4K TV instead, or you could grab a smaller one and use it as a second display, which is useful if you stream, or like to switch between sitting up straight with your keyboard and mouse and lounging at a distance with a controller.

You've got a few options so far. You can go all out with an LG OLED display. That's going to get you amazing picture quality, but they don't go cheap, and the current best deal is over $3,000. Dialing it back a bit, the latest LED TVs (as opposed to OLED) use something called quantum dot technology, which delivers much better colors. Our favorite of them, the Samsung Q8FN, is currently on sale for $1,498. Sony also has a line of higher-end LEDs, and the Sony XBR55X900F 55" is currently at its lowest price ever on Amazon.

Finally, if you're prioritizing low price over perfect picture quality, you can pick up something like this TCL 55-Inch 4K Roku Smart LED TV for $350. Scroll down to the 'under $500' section for more cheap buys, and below that, find some UK deals, too. 

All of the TVs we're recommending are 4K, as you may as well go 4K at this point, unless you really want a TV for under $200 (in which case, check out this Vizio at Target). They also include 'smart' features, like webOS, Roku OS, or Amazon Fire TV. We'll keep this page updated throughout Cyber Monday as the best deals roll in.

The best deals right now

Several stores and manufacturers are starting the discounts early, namely Samsung, which has dropped prices on its high-end QLEDs and other TVs. Here are the best deals so far: 

Samsung 55" 4K QLED (Q8FN)| $1,498 ($1,102 off)
This is one of our best 4K TV for gaming picks. Getting this high-quality LED TV is well worth the investment. Buy at Walmart.

Vizio 55" P-Series 4K TV | $650 ($150 off)
Best Buy has this great TV at a very good price for a midrange set. The full array LED backlight means it competes well in terms of color quality, and the thin bezel elevates its style above budget options.

More Cyber Monday TV deals

Samsung 82" QLED 4K TV | $2,599.00 (Save $900)
Wanna go really, really big? This giant Samsung QLED generally goes for over $3,000, but you can grab it from Ebay for a good deal less right now.

Samsung 55" 4K QLED TV (Q6FN) | $998 ($500 off)
Upgrading to a QLED screen is pricey, but Cyber Monday deals like this one put the superior LED color range into a more manageable price range. Not as good as the Q8FN, but still a good pick.

Sony XBR55X800E 55" 4K TV | $798 (Save $100)
Taking a step down from the Sony TV above, you can this 55-incher for just under $800, which is the best price it's ever been on Amazon.

TVs under $500

Toshiba 50" 4K Fire TV Edition | $299.99 ($100 off)
Want a mid-sized 4K TV for 300 bucks? This Toshiba isn't top-of-the-line, but it's fairly well-reviewed and the price is right. Buy at Amazon.

TCL 55-Inch 4K Roku Smart LED TV | $350 ($31 off)
A decent budget option, and almost the lowest it's ever been priced, which was $342 back in July. Get it at Best Buy.

Sharp 55" 4K HDR LED TV | $330 ($170 off)
Walmart has this Sharp screen for $330 (it was $300, so it's gone up since earlier in the week). Should give you OK quality for the price.

Samsung 40" 4K LED TV | $299 (save ~$100)
These NU7100 Series TVs typically go for $400-$450, so this is a good deal on a budget TV. You can grab one from Ebay.

Samsung 43" 4K LED TV | $278 ($222 off)
A good-looking 120 Hz TV with a processor that should be able to handle the Steam Link app well, and a nice way to supplement your monitor for under $300. Available at Walmart.

While you're hunting, be sure to check for deals on these TVs. They're our recommended 4K TVs for gaming, and if you see one on sale, you'll know you're making a good pick.

Samsung 55" 4K QLED Smart TV (Q8FN)| $1,498 ($1,102 off)
This is one of Samsung's best QLED TVs with a good discount. Buy at Walmart.

ULTRA HIGH-END: LG 65" OLED TV | $2,699.99  ($300 off)
If you want one of the best, this OLED TV (OLED65E8PUA) produces beautiful, rich colors. It's currently $300 off at Best Buy.

UK deals

LG OLED65C8PLA 65" OLED HDR 4K Smart TV | £1,999 (£900 off)
A terrific low-latency HDR 4K OLED panel that's well suited to gaming. Apply the code  OLEDBF400 to get it down to this as-yet-unbeaten price. Get it at Electrical Discount

Hisense 43-inch 4K TV | £279 (£50 off)
If you're looking for 4K without dropping a mountain of cash, this smart TV supports HDR. Buy at Amazon UK

Philips 50-Inch Ambilight 4K TV with HDR | £399 (£80 off)
Recommended by our friends at What Hi-Fi, this TV still does the cool ambient wall lighting that was in fashion recently.

Samsung 43-inch 4K TV | £329 (£200 off)
This 4K HDR Samsung is a good deal on the budget end. Get it at Curry's.

Expired or out of stock deals

These deals have expired, or the store was out of stock the last time we checked. You might want to check them just in case the retailer added more stock before we noticed.

43-inch Toshiba 4K Amazon Fire Edition TV | $130 ($150 off)
This is an in-store only Best Buy deal that starts Thanksgiving Day at 5 pm. Certainly a budget option, but if you just want to add a cheap, mid-sized 4K TV to your life, it's an incredible price.

Samsung 55" 4K LED TV | $398 ($302 off)
If you want to go a bit bigger than the 43" below, this 55" 4K TV still comes to a reasonable price on sale from Walmart. Not as fancy as one of Samsung's QLEDs, but the price shows it. Out of stock.

TCL 49-Inch 4K Roku Smart LED TV | $279.99 (save $200)
Slightly smaller than the above option, with the same core features, for $70 less. Get it at Walmart

Sony XBR55X900F 55" 4K LED TV | $1,098 ($200 off)
This is the cheapest Sony's quantum dot TV has been on Amazon, and it's a great TV that'll give you picture quality comparable to Samsung's QLEDs.

Sony XBR65X850F 65-inch 4K TV (2018 model) | $998 (Save $400)
This well-reviewed 4K TV from Sony is an IPS model, so it doesn't have the best blacks in the world, but looks good at any viewing angle and has very fast response times. It's an Amazon Gold Box deal, a huge $400 off its usual price. Buy at Amazon

Samsung 65-inch NU8000 4K TV | $997.99 (Save $200)
A very well-reviewed model from Samsung, particularly for its fast gaming performance. This Amazon Gold Box deal is down $200 from its recent price. It's an ideal gaming TV. Buy at Amazon

Vizio 65" P-series Quantum 4K Smart TV | $1,500 ($600 off)
Vizio's top-tier LED with quantum dot tech, which works like Samsung's QLED and Sony's Triluminos—though with a Vizio you can go quite a bit bigger for the same price, still with well-reviewed image quality. Get it at Target. (Currently out of stock)

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