Bethesda will host a second E3 conference

Fallout Batch 4 (3)

After a dramatic debut at last last year's E3, which brought us news of a certain post-apocalyptic roleplay game, Bethesda has found it in its heart (or more likely pockets) to host a follow-up at E3 2016. And this after Pete Hines suggested it wasn't a sure thing.

All we have is an announcement, the date and time—June 12, 7pm PT—and a line-up of stylised characters from the Bethesda portfolio. There's some power armour in there, a nord, demon and yep, there's ol' Corvo too. I have my fingers crossed to hear more on Dishonored 2 before June, but if not it's pretty unthinkable it wouldn't take centre stage.

Elder Scrolls 6? They're devs, not machines, and I'm a pessimist.