Batman The Telltale Series episode 2 trailer parades The Penguin

The second episode of Telltale’s take on the Batman franchise arrives tomorrow, and, as these things tend to go, it celebrates the occasion with an action-oriented trailer. Naturally, it features spoilers related to episode one, so please bear that in mind before watching on. 

Named Children of Arkham, the latest slice of narrative-led graphic novel-inspired fare picks off where the previous episode—Realm of Shadows—left off. Bruce is facing up to his family’s seemingly immoral legacy, and looking deeper into his father’s death leads him to cross paths with the “enigmatic and formidable” Children of Arkham—a crew of baddies who have “dark intentions for the city of Gotham”. As such, this means facing off against The Penguin and Joe Chill and a host of other ne'er-do-wells, as teased by the following trailer.

In his review of episode one, James noted that while there were indications the game might tell an interesting Batman story overall, he felt the game suffered from Telltale’s design and engine limitations. Nevertheless, Telltale is, and always has been, good at delivering enticing trailers and this one is no different. Time will tell if Bruce and the Bat offer more this time round when Children of Arkham lands on PC tomorrow.