Bananas are for losers, the new hot Fortnite skin is a big stick of meat

fortnite brat skin hotdog

(Image credit: Epic Games)

Poor old Peely. First the big banana man was revealed in season 8 as a tender green fruit, not yet ripe enough to enjoy. By season 10, he was this ungodly abomination, all bone and rot and... sin. Now he's just being replaced by an edgy piece of meat.

"The Brat" is what they're calling this new Fortnite skin, and he'll run you 1,200 V-Bucks. Like some sort of raccoon-meat-infused Malibu Stacy, he also comes with a new hat. If my eyes don't deceive me, he's got little sausage links for a necklace, which kind of feels like the anthropomorphic hotdog equivalent of wearing your dead enemies' fingers around your neck.

And while Peely may have just been a banana with legs, the Brat is wearing skinny jeans. So it looks like James will need to write another essay on how a Fortnite skin has brought the existence of God into question yet again.

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Joseph Knoop

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