Awesome Games Done Quick 2015 starts this Sunday

AGDQ 2015

(Photo credit: Kevin Ham, Force 4 Photography, LLC)

I am not what you would call a speedrunner, given that I compulsively check every inch of every environment in every game I ever play, even when I'm playing for a second time. To balance out my sluggishness, the great sentient gas at the centre of the universe created the Speed Demos Archive, a speedrunning community dedicated to besting games in the shortest amount of time humanly possible. Their Winter and Summer charity events have become a tradition by now, and the latest one is set to kick off on Sunday. Which is tomorrow, as you'll know if you've adjusted back to normal time after the holidays.

Awesome Games Done Quick 2015 lasts a week, from the 4th of January to the 11th, and puts a load of accomplished speedrunners through their paces in games like William Shatner's Tek War, Morrowind and Transistor. The full schedule's here, but Jan 9th is a particularly good day for PC games, what with Half-Life: Opposing Force, Episode 2, Portal/Portal 2 and Aperture Tag all being played against the clock.

You'll be able to watch the event live on the main site and on Twitch, and I'll embed the stream below in preparation for tomorrow. AGDQ 2015 kicks off tomorrow at 5PM GMT (if you're not in the UK, you can visit the Games Done Quick site for your local time). This year, donations will be going to the Prevent Cancer Foundation, and if you're inspired to donate you can do so here.

Tom Sykes

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