Awesome Games Done Quick 2014 is streaming speedruns for charity

Charity speedrunning event Awesome Games Done Quick 2014 is all about doing things in a timely manner. That's kind of ironic, given that I'm posting about it a good two days after the event's opener last Sunday. The good news is that, despite being slow off the mark, you've still got another four days of non-stop speedrun livestreaming to enjoy. And it's all in the name of charity.

Over the seven day event, the organisers have arranged for more than 115 games to be sped through in a back-to-back marathon. Throughout the stream, donations are being taken for the Prevent Cancer Foundation, with almost $150,000 raised so far.

If you take a look at the schedule , you'll notice the balance is heavily in favour of console games. That said, there are some dedicated PC blocks, with last night's games including Jazz Jackrabbit, Bioshock and Deus Ex. Upcoming PC games include VVVVVV, Barkley: Shut Up and Jam! Gaiden, the Half-Lives, Portals, Typing of the Dead, and Surgeon Simulator 2013. To name but a lot.

Not that the many console games should put you off. As of writing, Metal Gear Solid is being put through its paces, which is plenty entertaining. See the stream below, but be sure to check out the official event site for more details, and for any donating you may like to do.

Phil Savage

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