The worst Amazon Prime Day deals we could find

Prime Day is slowly winding to an end, and while most were good, there are some not so great deals that are also, unfortunately, still available.

We scoured Amazon on this most holy of holidays to locate the lousiest deals we could on the crappiest stuff you don't want. Here are the worst Prime Day deals we found. And if you're reading this in 2019, here's where to find the Amazon Prime Day 2019 PC deals.

BENGOO Stereo Gaming Headset

Normally: $32 | Prime Day: $25.59

Though there is something funny about pairing camo with bright LEDs, this is one of the ugliest headsets we've ever seen. The best feature: the microphone has the words "gaming headset" printed on it, so no one is going to think you're wearing a genuine military-grade headset, preventing confusion. Not that they could see it anyway. It's camouflaged.

This hideous gamer chair

Normally: $208| Prime Day: $170

Look at this thing. If it were comfortable, maybe we could deal with its ugliness, but many of the customer reviews agree that this slouchy swoosh of a chair is just the opposite. Without having tried it, we can see where they're coming from: it looks as if it were designed specifically to avoid lumbar support, with an inclined seat for some other kind of biped's body. At least it has "2.1 sound immersion" and vibrates.

This Doritos dash button

Normally: $5 | Prime Day: $1

Having a dedicated button on your desk to smash impatiently when you need another bag of Doritos is a bit much. Plus, the Doritos Dash Button doesn't just order one bag but 64 bags. That's a lot of bags! Of Doritos! If you're eating through a crate of 64 bags of Doritos (no judgments) you should notice when you're getting down to the bottom and give yourself time to plan your next purchase without needing a failsafe.

This Batman VR set

Normally: $70 | Prime Day: $25

Ratings for this Batman VR set aren't great, so probably don't buy it even if you're into all things Batman. I do have to give it points for being the VR set that Batman himself would actually use, since the freak has to put bat emblems on all his shit all the time. Remember in the Arkham games when he'd apply his explosive foam in the shape of a bat? I mean, dude, calm down. We all get it by now. You're way into bats.

This ugly PS3 Controller

Normally: $16 | Prime Day: $11.19

We have a guide to using a PS3 controller for PC, but here's some advice we didn't include: don't buy this supremely ugly PS3 controller. Just don't. It looks like someone ate a hundred skateboard stickers and then vomited on a NASCAR jumpsuit.

This Groot doll

Normally: $20 | Prime Day: $16

Why does this Groot plushie look like it was made from a blurry photo of fried zucchini blossoms and two-by-fours? What effect were the black lines, which appear to have been hastily drawn on with a Sharpie, supposed to have? Why do people even like Groot? This appears to have been designed especially for landfills, but hey, it's 20% off.

This video game movie

Normally: $16.50 | Prime Day: $14.50

We had high hopes for Warcraft, the movie, coming from a beloved game series and an acclaimed director, but sometimes two rights make a wrong. By most accounts Warcraft continued the tradition of video game movies sucking. And it's only $2 off! That's barely a deal at all.

This triple watch winder

Normally: $1,100 | Prime Day: $930

This $1.1K watch winder is on sale for just $930. With its patented technology, it can wind three mechanical watches at once, a task that would take inefficient human fingers one, or possibly two minutes. It has 93% 5-star reviews, but keep in mind that the reviews come from people who spent over a thousand dollars on a watch winder. (If you're wondering: no, there is no special reason to have a watch winder.) 

This meme game about memes

Normally: $30 | Prime Day: $21

No thanks.