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Overwatch's new map Havana is now playable on the PTR

Overwatch has a new map, Havana, coming soon—and now it's playable on the Overwatch PTR. Active players will recognize Havana as the setting of the currently-active Archives: Storm Rising event, which sees an Overwatch strike team chasing down Doomfist's Omnic accountant. 

Havana is an Escort (payload) map. Unlike the Storm Rising event, which took place during a windy storm, the map is sunny and delightful. Players will escort the payload along the streets of Havana, through Don Rumbotico's distillery, and finally concluding at a beach-side castle. The map's pathways are relatively narrow, like the streets section of King's Row, though the final castle section does have some relatively open-air areas. 

The new Havana map is playable now on the Overwatch PTR. It'll be joining the main game soon, I expect once the Storm Rising event concludes on May 6.