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Everything you need to know about diamonds in Minecraft

minecraft diamond level sword
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Where can you find a diamond in Minecraft? Diamonds are a highly sought-after resource in the block-building sandbox, and for a good reason: they are the second-most-durable resource when it comes to crafting tools and weapons. Diamonds are a rare, but not impossible, find. With my help, your pockets will be full of shiny gems in no time. 

To mine for diamonds in Minecraft you need the right tools, the right kind of pickaxe, and a hefty supply of torches to keep mobs from spawning. Also, to double or even triple, the number of diamonds you mine, you can enhance your pickaxe with the fortune enchantment. 

So there's plenty to keep in mind before your start your scavenger hunt, so here's everything else you need to know about getting a Minecraft diamond. That includes where to find it, what pickaxe type to use, and some good seeds with lots of the shiny rock, just ready and waiting to be mined.

Which Minecraft diamond level do you need to descend to?

Diamonds can be obtained between layers 1-16, but it's most common in layers 5-12. The Minecraft diamond ore blocks are speckled with small white and blue square sparkles, surrounded by earth. Check you're current layer by accessing the debug screen by pressing F3. 

Cave exploring can be dangerous around levels 4-10 because of underground lava, so make sure you have some water buckets in your inventory to douse these hot pools and create safe paths. 

There are several different methods for cave mining, but always follow one simple rule: don't dig straight down. Here are some techniques you can try:

  • Staircase: dig the earth into steps that allow you to descend and ascend easily.
  • Mine shaft: construct a shaft down to a base and use a ladder to go up and down.
  • Branch mining: make 2x2 level tunnels that branch out in the directions you need.
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What Minecraft diamond pickaxe to use

Now you've struck gold, so to speak, the next thing is knowing how to get them out of the earth. Start by chipping away at the cubes around the diamonds, but make sure the diamond ore is nice and exposed and that there's no lava that will damage your treasure. When that's done, you can start to mine the diamonds using an iron or diamond pickaxe.

How to craft a Minecraft diamond sword

Now that you have the goods, it's time to start crafting. Diamonds can be used to craft various items, but the first you should focus on is the diamond pickaxe because it lets you mine obsidian. It takes two sticks and three diamonds to craft it.

The second item to consider is the diamond sword, one of the most durable and powerful blades in the game. Craft one by placing one stick and two diamonds into the grid—the diamond sword should appear on the right of your screen. Just click on it and drag it into your inventory.

Check out these diamond-rich seeds

There are several seeds for players to explore that have lots of diamonds to mine. In case you're a Minecraft newbie, seeds are a string of numbers that generate a specific Minecraft world. Just make sure your version of Minecraft is up to date before launching into the following seeds: 

  • -573947210 (axezero) 
  • 1955368017 (BEEBAR)
  •  -1240247800 (gooddo) 
  • 66830 (CLW) 
  • -340566161 (shotwait)