Leak reveals Amazon Prime Day 2018 will see 36 hours of deals starting July 16

(Image: © Amazon)

You're not supposed to know this yet, but Amazon's Prime Day 2018 is scheduled to go live on Monday, July 16, just over three weeks from now, and will last for a full 36 hours. Amazon hasn't officially said any of this yet, but our sister site TechRadar stumbled across an Amazon Prime Day 2018 banner on the Amazon UK website.

Presumably published in error, a visit to Amazon UK's Prime page now shows a banner that simply says "Coming Soon," without any mention of a date or how long it will last. But unless someone at Amazon is trying to throw everyone off the company's trail, you're safe to mark your calendars and plan accordingly.

Prime Day features deals on a wide range of products that are exclusive to Prime members. Last year it ran for 30 hours. It looks like Amazon is going to beat that this year, and is also deviating from scheduling Prime Day on the second Tuesday in July.

For reference, Prime Day 2017 kicked off at 6 pm PST and ended 30 hours later at midnight. The banner for Prime Day 2018 did not indicate if it will start at the same time again this year.

You can expect the usual discounts on Amazon's Echo and Fire products. However, last year we also saw a bunch of deals on PC gaming hardware, including core components like CPUs and accessories like keyboards and mice. We also found some real stinkers, like a crusty old EVGA GeForce 8400 GS that Amazon was trying to unload. We expect a similar mixed bag this time around.

In the meantime, we'll keep posting daily deals on interesting products that we find. Steam's Summer Sale 2018 is also underway, if you haven't checked that out yet.