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Gamescom will kick off with world premieres from more than 15 publishers

(Image credit: Gamescom)

You've all had plenty of time to digest E3, so now it's almost time for Gamescom. It's only a fortnight away and, according to Geoff Keighley, who is hosting Opening Night Live, the cavalcade of announcements will start with world premieres from more than 15 publishers. 

2K, Activision, Capcom, Epic, Google, Sega and lots more will be showing things off on Monday, August 19, ushering in a week of reveals and previews. E3 was a bit of a quiet one this year, aside from Keanu, so hopefully things will be a bit more exciting at Gamescom. You'll be able to watch it on Twitch at 8 pm CEST/11 am PT.

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Before Opening Night Live, Google will also host its second Stadia Connect, which you'll be able to watch live at 7 pm CEST/10 am PT. The focus will be on games this time, so we'll likely be seeing a bunch of reveals. Watch that here

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