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Frank West goes to the mall, has lunch, slaughters undead in a new Dead Rising 4 gameplay trailer

Frank West takes a quick trip to the mall in the new Dead Rising 4 gameplay trailer, appropriately entitled “Return to the Mall,” and it works out about as well as you'd expect: He gets in over his head, whips up some creatively-destructive armaments, pops over to the food court for a burger, finds a new outfit, and generally makes the best of a very bad situation. 

What I like about Dead Rising is the way it refuses to take itself too seriously. Most zombie apocalypses are dreadfully grim affairs—The Walking Dead is basically depravity turned into an Olympic sport—but Frank is somehow able to rise above it all. He still gets a lot of killing done, but he does so with joy in his heart and a festively-themed cannon in his hands. It's inspiring, really. 

Dead Rising 4 is set to launch on December 4, and is available for preorder now at the Microsoft Store. 

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