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Fortnite gets helicopters and map changes

Downtime for Fortnite's 12.20 update had ended, meaning that you can finally hop back into the game and pinch a Fortnite helicopter, the battle royale's newest aerial vehicle. Watch it sneaking up on Deadpool in the trailer above. 

The choppa has room for four passengers and one pilot, so you can cram a lot of firepower into it. The vehicle doesn't feature any weapons itself, however, but maybe you can smash it into people? You won't know unless you try. 

Hit up one of the previously empty helipads dotted around the map now to go for a joyride. 

The update also introduces the Spy Games progression system, along with a bunch of other changes.

Not mentioned is the update to the Oil Rig and Pleasant Park football pitch, which you can see below courtesy of FortniteBR on Twitter. 

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