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Where to find the toilet plunger in Fortnite

fortnite toilet plunger
(Image credit: Epic Games)
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(Image credit: Epic Games)

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Where is the Fortnite toilet plunger? Years ago, when I started covering Epic's battle royale game, I never really thought I'd be writing that sentence. Yet, writing it I am (or rather, did). Wade Wilson has never been the most hygienic of superheroes, as he proves again in this third week of Fortnite Deadpool skin challenges.

I would say the Merc with the Mouth is showing signs of mending his frankly disgusting ways, but these new tasks give out mixed messages. First you need to find the Fortnite toilet plunger that belongs to the crimson-clad anti-hero, but then you need to destroy some toilets. Ew.

Sadly, destroying Fortnite toilets after tracking down the plunger doesn't get us the skin for which we've all been waiting. Instead, however, we do get the Wade Grenade spay, which is something, at least.

(Image credit: Epic Games)

Fortnite toilet plunger location

First things first, let's help Wade to, err, whatever he needs to do with his mislaid toilet plunger. It's somehow made its way to the agents area, which is on the far left of the screen when you're on the main battle pass tab. 

As you can see on the screenshot above, once you're there you can see the rogue suction device stuck to the wall in the top-right corner of the screen. You only need to find this one, so click on it to move on to the next part of this challenge.

Now you're going to get all destructive as you dive back into battle royale, where you belong. This next stage has you destroying three toilets across the island map—just make sure you bring a mop. Anyway these aren't too hard to find: you'll find these destructible porcelain thrones in most residential buildings. There are also portable ones concentrated in Retail Row, Salty Springs, and Pleasant Park. 

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