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DayZ Standalone: Rocket's hour and a half PAX East Q&A, team float shipwreck screenshots

DayZ ship 610x347

Rocket may be x-way up a mountain right now, but there's still a team of Bohemians working hard to prepare DayZ Standalone for its eventual alpha release. For this week's development update, that team have published a video of a session from last month's PAX East. An epic hour and a half info-dump, the majority of the video is Q&A about development plans and ideas. But you also get a nice chunk of unbroken shaky-cam game footage, running through the work-in-progress inventory and control scheme changes.

In addition, the dev team have released screenshots for a new in-game "building". The shipwreck features a "vast amount" of indoor space, making it a cool, but high-risk location for wandering survivors. According to DayZ production assistant Matthew Lightfoot, "we haven't decided exactly where it is going to be placed on Chernarus yet ... so some of the pictures are taken from our test map which is bland/featureless and which we use for testing new buildings."

See those pictures below:

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