Amazon Prime Day 2019—PC gaming deals

Amazon Prime Day 2019 - PC gaming deals

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Amazon Prime Day 2019 will take place in the second week of July, and is likely to offer 36-48 hours of great deals across the whole site. That means big savings on the best PC games and PC hardware, whether you're in the US, UK or anywhere else in the world with access to Amazon. In order to enjoy the Amazon Prime Day PC gaming deals you'll need a Prime membership. While some already have access, others will need to get a little creative here. Amazon runs a free 30 day trial on Prime, so you can sign up, buy your swag (and get free delivery) then cancel your sub before paying any money. Or you can take advantage of one of the Prime membership deals that usually coincide with Prime Day.

In terms of PC gaming deals, there will be plenty on offer as always. The things we usually see discounted on Amazon Prime day are keyboards, mice, monitors and headsets, although you can usually pick up gaming laptops and pre-built gaming PCs pretty cheap too. If you're running your PC through a 4K TV, Prime Day is a great chance to either upgrade your set or take the plunge with a second TV for the home too. While most buy games digitally, Amazon usually slashes the price of a handful of PC titles, so you can expect discounts on the likes of Anthem, Far Cry New Dawn, The Division 2 and some of 2019's biggest games. 

When is Amazon Prime Day 2019?

While Amazon is yet to reveal an official date for Prime Day 2019, we expect it to be the second week of July, on Monday July 15 until midnight Pacific on Tuesday July 16. In 2018, Prime Day took place on 16-17 July, so we'd expect the same to happen again (start on the 3rd Monday of the month, and continue for two days). Last year saw Prime Day's PC deals run for 36 hours, as the sale kicked off at 12noon on the Monday (local time wherever in the world you are) until 12midnight on the Tuesday. Given the success of last year's Prime Day, we wouldn't be surprised to see 2019's event offering 48 hours of savings, or at least starting at 9am on the Monday. Remember, Black Friday lasts a full 2 weeks now, so Amazon will be looking to expand Prime Day as much as possible.

Best Amazon Prime Day PC gaming deals (from last year)

US deals

UK deals

How to get in on Amazon Prime Day deals

To take advantage of Prime Day you have to be a Prime member. But if you're not, you can still take advantage of the deals by signing up for a free 30-day trial. You won't need to pay the $100/year fee and you'll still get the deals. On some deals though, the discount you get will pay for the Prime membership itself, so you might want to take a wait-and-see approach.

Deals from Newegg,, etc.

Along with Amazon, other retailers will have their own sales. We'll have more on those deals as Prime Day progresses.

UK residents will want to keep an eye out for Curry's, John Lewis, and In the US, Newegg will be a good bet for some alternative deals. We'll be checking all retailers throughout the day and reporting the best deals we find right here.

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