Asus teases Ryzen ROG notebook

With Computex 2017 just around the corner, various tech companies are gearing up to reveal their latest and greatest. Earlier this week, AMD lifted the lid on Ryzen Mobile, a set of new CPUs for laptops. Now we've got a teaser video on the Asus Republic of Gamers YouTube channel. The first consumer Ryzen laptop is apparently on the way.

The video shows the Ryzen logo with a ROG branded laptop in the middle, with the words "Something has awakened" flashing beneath. Below the video, the caption reads: "Something BIG is coming your way! Can you guess what it is? #JointheRepublic #Computex 2017." Yes, Asus, we can guess what it is. 

Ryzen Mobile will apparently consist of APUs that pair AMD's Zen processor architecture with the company's Vega GPU architecture. Or Asus might just use a CPU-only variant with a discrete Vega GPU, since both should be announced at Computex. Final specs are still unknown, as well as the actual availability, other than sometime this summer.

Since the Asus ROG branded hardware targets gamers, we imagine the notebook will have pretty beefy specs. This is also the first time in many years where AMD could have a mobile GPU that actually competes well against Nvidia's best mobile offerings. 100-125W Vega with a 45W Ryzen chip would make for a lovely all-AMD solution.

Computex 2017 will take place in Taipei from May 30 until June 3, so we'll have to wait until then for all the details.