How to solve the Night and Day puzzle in Assassin's Creed Valhalla

AC Valhalla Night and Day puzzle
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Stuck trying to solve the Night and Day puzzle in Assassin's Creed Valhalla? Crossover Stories brings Odyssey's Kassandra into Eivor's 9th century Britain and sends you to the Isle of Skye. On your travels across the new region, you'll come across the Fairy Glen, the location of the Night and Day standing stones puzzle.

As with the other Mysteries from the main game, the solutions to these puzzles aren't always obvious, and this one is no exception. So if you're stumped on how to solve the Isle of Skye standing stones Mystery, here's what you need to know about the AC Valhalla Night and Day puzzle.

AC Valhalla Night and Day: How to solve the Mystery at Fairy Glen 

Locating the standing stones at Fairy Glen is pretty straightforward as the trusty quest marker will take you straight to them. If you're having trouble finding the area, it's located in the northern section of the Isle of Skye.

Once there, look for a rock with a symbol engraved on it, sitting on raised ground to the side of the standing stones. You can interact with it to read a note that includes the same shape on the rock. This is your only clue on how to solve this puzzle.

To start, use your Odin Sight close to the standing stones, and you'll notice glowing green markings on them. So, the idea is to get into a position where the markings on the stones line up to match the shape on the note. But even if you've figured that much out on your own, it's still not easy to know where you need to stand.

So, head to the area with the makeshift shelter on the far side of the stones, opposite the rock with the shape. You'll notice a tall moveable crate surrounded by smaller boxes. Break these boxes with your weapon, then drag the crate in an 'L' shape—the only way it can move—until it's up against an unbreakable box at the end. 

Now, pull yourself up onto the crate and look at the standing stones. Concentrate on the cluster in the middle and move a little to line yourself up if you need to, and the mystery of the standing stones should be complete.

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