Annoyed with New World's lack of minimap, two players built their own

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As far as MMO interfaces go, New World's is remarkably sparse. But while getting rid of stacks of ability hotbars is a welcome change, replacing the genre-standard minimap with a Skyrim-style compass has left some players longing for more traditional navigation tools.

With that in mind, two players went ahead and built their own minimap themselves.

im_always_losing_track_of_where_things_are_in from r/newworldgame

Spotted by GameRant, Redditor Morbrid and their friend built their own minimap that effectively shows a portion of the game's standard map within a small portion of the screen at all times, removing the hassle of having to open up the main map itself. It appears fully functional, showing the location of vendors, resource nodes and letting you zoom in and out at will.

"One of the most common complaints at the moment is that the map isn't easy to use when in towns - its always zoomed out, or you can't see anything because of the "Upcoming War" message," Morbrid wrote. "I teamed up with my friend to build a minimap to help improve on the map interface, stop us getting lost in towns and make it a bit more efficient to farm resources while out questing."

Judging from the comments, it seems like many players are relieved to find an alternative to constantly opening and closing the main map. But it's currently uncertain whether New World even allows these kinds of addons—the lack of minimap appears to be a deliberate choice, and the game's Terms of Service are vague on where the game draws the line between cheats and UI mods like this.

If you want to give Morbrid's map a shot, though, you can download it via Overwolf.


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