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New World server list
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The New World server list is looking a lot better now than it was when the game first launched. The massive initial demand meant players experienced big queues, full-to-capacity worlds, and frequent downtime due to the server work Amazon was implementing. While downtimes and updates are still happening fairly often to address in-game issues, things are a lot more stable now.

Amazon added lots of servers and even implemented world transfers, so players can swap servers to less crowded ones, or to the same world as their friends. Still, if you're ready to start New World, it's hard to know what to make of the overcrowding issue. This New World server guide should help in that regard: it will show you how to find every server and world and explain any new details around the issue.

While responding to a recent thread in the New World forum, Amazon Games also confirmed that server merges will be coming to the game. It's pretty normal for playerbase to shrink after the initial launch of an MMO, and New World is no different, so it makes sense that they'd consider server merges in order to keep worlds consistently populated.

New World server status: Which are active?

Amazon added lots of new servers and worlds to increase capacity for the huge amount of players that wanted to get started in Aeternum, and because of this, servers frequently experienced queues and downtime for maintenance.

For current New World server status reports, Amazon has an official server status page, but if you want another source, newworldstatus.com seems to provide accurate information, including queue sizes. RedzyTV has also compiled a spreadsheet showing which streamers and guilds are playing where.

New World server list: Every current server

Since launch, Amazon has been building up New World server and world capacity to deal with the huge number of players that wanted to get into the game, to the point that, it was actually pretty hard to keep up with them. The official server list isn't updated live, so probably isn't your best bet for accurate server status, but it does list every current server for each region.

If you're looking for news regarding the addition of extra worlds for regions, the New World forum seems up to date with what's being added if you scroll down to the bottom. So, if you're on the lookout for a new world in your region, this is a good bet.

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New World server transfer: can you change server?

Due to overwhelming demand, New World server transfers are now live, letting players claim a token that lets them transfer to another server world in their region, provided it isn't fully populated. To do this, you have to leave your company, but you can still take your character progression, storage, inventory, currency, houses, and quest progress with you.


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