Air-powered FPS brawler Sky Noon hosting a beta before coming to Steam

Ahead of its upcoming Steam Early Access release, offbeat FPS brawler Sky Noon will hold a closed beta this week from 12 pm Pacific Thursday, April through 12 pm Monday, April 23. You can throw your hat into the first come, first serve key giveaway in the game's official Discord channel. Keys will be sent out on the first day of the beta. 

In case you missed its reveal earlier this year, Sky Noon is a multiplayer first-person shooter where, instead of hot lead or lasers, your weapons shoot equally lethal air bullets. Levels are set way up in the sky, and the goal is blast enemies off the edge by nailing them with compressed air weapons that range from revolvers to mines. You also can use gadgets like jetpacks and jump pads to get around levels quickly, and avoid falling yourself with your trusty grappling hook. 

Quite frankly, I'll take any excuse to play with a good grappling hook, and Sky Noon looks like a riot. Developer Lunar Rooster says it will launch in Early Access in "Q2 2018," which translates to sometime in the next three months or so. 

Austin Wood
Staff writer, GamesRadar

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